The New York Times

“The narrative about the theaters’ present-day fight for survival is undeniably compelling” – Glenn Kenny

LA Times

“The Story here is beautiful and complicated, one in which the twin weights of legacy and calling bear down on the need to survive in changing times” – Robert Abele


Only in Theaters is a funny, heartbreaking and moving story about the power of movies” – PJ Grisar

Film Threat

“Essential viewing for every filmgoer.” – Jason Delgado, Film Threat

The Wrap

“An intimate portrait of a man burdened by legacy, navigating uncharted waters, not even sure that he wants to.” – Katie Walsh, TheWrap

LA Daily News

“Only in Theaters isn’t just a celebration of the Laemmles and their love of sharing cinema but the American Dream. At a time with much uncertainty in the film business, this film couldn’t be more important” – Peter Larsen


“It’s a beautiful film and a timely one.” –Claudia Puig, Film Critic and President, LA Film Critics Association

Six Word Review

“Terrific Doc about importance of movies.” – Neil Turitz


“New film tells the story of LA institution Laemmle Theaters”

claremont courier

“Only in Theaters, the surprisingly moving documentary about the Laemmle family’s long history in the film industry.”

Wasteland Film Review

Only in Theaters (2023) – Wasteland Documentary Film Review


“Only in Theatres is passionate but never sentimental. The battle of art versus commerce is fought out in the open with DoP Matt Kubas’ handheld camera being a witness to this war for the ‘soul of cinema’. A informative piece of living film history.” – Meredith Taylor, Critic


“With appearances from Cameron Crowe, Ava DuVernay, Nicole Holofcener and Alison Anders, Only in Theatres works as both a state-of-industry insight for those with a professional interest, and an irresistible story of an American dynasty and love letter to cinema for a general audience.” — William Fitzgerald, Program Director, Galway Film Festival


“Above all it’s an appreciation of the things we take for granted: local book stores, coffee shops, family farms, local theaters & more, & a reminder that they exist because of the ingenuity, guts, & industry of individuals who pour more into their life’s work & legacy than they likely ever get out of it. Director Raphael Sbarge captures a moment in time…” – Keith Simanton, Senior Film Editor, IMDB (IMDBKEITH)


“Only In Theaters” is the story of a family trying to survive a series of seismic shifts in their industry. Audiences will feel like they’re going into battle with the likeable clan.”

Crescenta Valley Weekly

Glendale Arts Hosts ‘Only in Theaters’ Documentary Screening

NYC Movie Guru

“Only in Theaters is a poignant love letter to independent cinema” – Avi Offer

Film Festival Traveler

“The urgency of a family-owned business in an entertainment industry seeing the massive popularity of streaming and further changes in audience’s moviegoing habits makes the film a cautionary tale about the survival of the fittest.”

The Jewish News of northern California

‘Only in Theaters’: Jewish family behind SoCal’s Laemmle Theaters share their story in new documentary

SF Chronicle: Datebook

“This man is trying to save movie theaters, starting with his own”

Solzy at the movies

“The film isn’t just about the Laemmle family but the American Dream.”


““Only in Theaters” documents how bold independent cinema shaped generations of films and filmgoers and asserted a cautiously optimistic promise for the future.”

Arts Fuse

Coming Attractions: April 10 Through 25 – Only in Theaters

Independent Magazine

“In many ways, “Only in Theaters” is an honest and subtle call to action.” –  Taylor Lena McTootle

Ira’s Everything Bagel


FILM REVIEW: Only In Theaters

“Only in Theaters’ isn’t just about 24 months in the history of Laemmle Theaters – that would have been compelling enough, though! It’s also a celebration of independent cinema in general. It honors the cultural legacy of these spaces dedicated to collective experience, elevating them as sacred. After watching it, my first impulse was to go out to see a movie.”

Review: Alliance of women film journalists

“I can’t imagine anyone watching Only in Theaters not rooting 100% for him and his family.” – Diane Carson

Review: “Only in Theaters” Review by Parker Otto

““Only in Theaters” is a love letter to the theatrical experience and the independent arthouse cinema which especially hit home for me. ” – Parker Otto

Focus Newspaper

“From actor turned filmmaker, Raphael Sbarge, comes this beautifully made documentary about the Laemmle chain of art house cinemas in LA and their struggle to survive during the pandemic of several years back. The film serves as both a history of the family’s theater chain and a look at where the art house business is in these current times. Highly recommended for film buffs and fans of great documentary films (Also on DVD from Kino)” – Focus Newspaper

The Digital Bits

“Only in Theaters does not presume to predict what the future will hold for the Laemmles and their beloved theaters. Film is art and art should be presented in the best possible format and setting. The documentary makes a strong case that movie theaters are that place.” – The Digital Bits

Pasadena Weekly

“It’s just a beautifully told story; must watch for any fans or enthusiasts of LA history, film history, independent film history.” – Maria Sahakian 


“It’s great…a fascinating and poignant look at the Laemmle family.” – Claudia Puig, KPCC’s FilmWeek

“Such an American story.” – Larry Mantle, KPCC’s FilmWeek

“More than just a movie to us…it’s a celebration of people to whom I think we owe an enormous debt locally. There just would not be arthouse cinema in Los Angeles without the Laemmles.” – Wade Major, KPCC’s FilmWeek

Golden Globe Awards

Docs: Affecting “Only in Theaters” Ponders Future of Film Exhibition Via Legacy of Laemmles

Solzy at the Movies

Only In Theaters: The Laemmle Family and the American Dream by Danielle Solzman


“Only in Theaters takes a look inside the beloved chain known for championing independent cinema — and the Laemmle family, who have been pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into making sure it has stayed in business all these years.”

Cinema Daily

Only in Theaters : Exclusive Interview with Director Raphael Sbarge on “Laemmle Theatres”

Movie Web

Exclusive: Director Raphael Sbarge on His New Documentary and Keeping Arthouse Cinema Alive

Unseen Films

“…anyone who truly loves the movies and the movie going experience should really see this.”- Steve Kopian

Claremont Courier

Laemmle to screen eponymous documentary Saturday, CEO will take questions at Q and A


Filmwax TV: Greg Laemmle & Raphael Sbarge (ONLY IN THEATERS)

Verde Independent/KUDOS

“Northern Arizona Premiere Of ‘Only In Theaters’ Jan. 13-19 Presented By SIFF“

Hammer to Nail

“Filled with testimonials from a wide range of filmmakers who love the Laemmles, the movie examines what a dedicated team of cinephiles can accomplish.” – Christopher Reed


“Sbarge portrays the cinematic experience as a deeply personal and rewarding experience for all involved.“

Celluloid Dreams The Movie Show



“2022’s most emotional theatrical experience…” – Bob Stauss


“Santa Barbara Film Festival Sets Lineup: Brit Comedy ‘The Phantom of the Open’ To Tee It Off” by Patrick Hipes


“SBIFF 2022: Only in Theaters” by Harry Lawton


“Eager to gather in person to ‘celebrate art’” by Glenn Whipp


“Only In Theaters: Inside the Laemmle Family’s Battle to Keep Beloved Local Theater Chain Alive” by Margeaux Sippell


Only in Theaters’ at Newport Beach Film Festival Shines a Light on Laemmle Movie Theaters

Hollywood Times

A Conversation About “ONLY IN THEATERS” – A Documentary Film by Raphael Sbarge about the Leammle Family Business

The Mercury News

“It’s essential viewing for any film fan and should — yes — be seen on the big screen.” – RANDY MYERS

KSRO Interview

Ky Boyd hosted Greg Laemmle, head of the Laemmle theater chain in Los Angeles, on the Rialto Cinemas Big Friday Movie Segment on the The Drive with Steve Jaxon & Harry Duke on KSRO.


An homage to the eighty-four-year old Laemmle cinema chain devoted to arthouse fare, the documentary “Only in Theaters” elucidates the dire prospects for immensely rewarding, but financially unprofitable, exhibition of independent and foreign productions.

The Arts Fuse

“Without giving away what happened to the Laemmles and their theatres, it’s safe to say the film ends on a note of hope.” – Ed Symkus

The Daily Free Press

The Laemmle legacy: Arthouse theater prevails despite the pandemic

REVIEW: Raphael Sbarge’s ‘Only in Theaters’

““Only in Theaters” is a deeply heartfelt film.”

PJFM In Conversation -

Raphael Sbarge, Director of ONLY IN THEATERS, Lindy SpringFest 2023

Animation World Network

Only in Theaters,’ The History of Laemmle Theaters, Opens Today

Review: Movie going with Bill

“Family (and cinema) Matters Most in “Only in Theaters””

Review: The Spool

“Only in Theaters (Kino Lorber): Raphael Sbarge tells the story of Los Angeles’ Laemmle Theatres chain, an essential resource for arthouse and international cinema, and the dedicated family that has run the big-screen business for generations.” – The Spool

Film Review: The Epoch Times

“(In) director Raphael Sbarge’s brilliant documentary…Mr. Greg Laemmle displays the patience of Job and displays a type of courage and love of family that is beyond uplifting and inspirational.” – Epoch Times

Kicking the Seat

“This isn’t just “a movie about the movie business”; it’s about how a calling gets into the blood and trickles down, generation to generation.” – Ian Simmons, Kicking the Seat

Film Factual

“Only in Theaters is a rich and fortifying watch, and it thankfully isn’t fanciful enough to peddle easy solutions, or clear skies on the horizon. It’s funny and sad and at times emotionally piercing, but most of all it’s honest — a quality we should all want more of in movies, big and small.”

Press Only in theaters